Weekend Preview: A Freshly Deviant ‘You’ Season And Several New (As Well As Upcoming) Netflix Offerings

Weekend Preview: A Freshly Deviant ‘You’ Season And Several New (As Well As Upcoming) Netflix Offerings

27 Dec 2019 (PT)

The holiday season is fully upon us, but hopefully, you'll have enough downtime to enjoy some meaty TV offerings. If nothing below suits your sensibilities, check out our guide to What You Should Watch On Streaming Right Now.

You 12/26, Netflix series — Penn Badgley's Stalker Joe is back, and he's as bad as ever. Actually, he's even worse, and the series is as absurd, pulp-y, and confusingly thorny as ever. Fans will probably still root for an unquestionable monster, but Joe is now Will, and he has a whole new set of obstacles in Los Angeles. This season is absolutely insane, and you're gonna love it.

The Degenerates: Season 2 12/31, Netflix series — The no-holds-barred comedy series starring rising comics returns. This time around, Adrienne Iapalucci, Donnell Rawlings, Jim Norton, Nikki Glaser, Ms. Pat, and Robert Kelly deliver unfiltered sets for the new year.

Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 2 12/26, Netflix series — This animated series follows a teenaged Tony Toretto who only wants to be like his older cousin, Dom. Tony infiltrates an elite racing league that's secretly a nefarious crime organization, and yeah, you probably know how this will go.

Messiah 1/1, Netflix series — This thriller series asks what happens when social media and cable news follow an alleged miracle performer as he cultivates followers on an international level. Is he real, or is he a fraud, and does the answer to that question even matter? Mehdi Dehbi plays the key charismatic figure with Michelle Monaghan's CIA officer attempting to h what she believes is a deceptive con artist before he destroys the world's geopolitical order. Dermot Mulroney, Beau Bridges, Tomer Sisley, and John Ortiz also star.

Spinning Out 1/1, Netflix series — The world of elite figure skating receives scrutiny from this series that follows not only the dreams but the personal lives including those personal demons of up-and-coming competitors, who are fighting to get a fair shake on everything they've worked for.

The Circle 1/1, Netflix series — This faux-reality series follows a group of contestants who are dating through a social media platform. They're all competing for money and for hearts, as well, while attempting to figure out who's real and who's a catfish.

John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch 12/24, Netflix special — This truly bonkers happening follows comedian John Mulaney singing songs with kids and celebrity guests. Mulaney freely admits that the kids are “more talented than me,” but does it matter? Nope. Special guests include David Byrne, Natasha Lyonne, Annaleigh Ashford, Richard Kind, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Lost In Space: Season 2 12/24, Netflix series — The Robinson family returns with the Jupiter 2 marooned on a mysterious ocean planet. They must work alongside Dr. Smith and Don West to reunite with other colonists after finding their way back to the Resolute, but as always, things get complicated, especially with Robot.

Here's the rest of this weekend's notable programming:

Ray Donovan Sunday, Showtime 8:00 p.m. — Ray's going down memory lane regarding Jim Sullivan, Mickey's learning what really happened with the botched heist, and Smitty faces the police for some possible truth telling.

Dublin Murders Sunday, Starz 8:00 p.m. — Season 1 of the crime drama continues with Cassie and Rob facing down an inevitable confrontation.

Shameless Sunday, Showtime 9:00 p.m. — Debbie may have unwittingly become a prostitute, according to the episode's actual title. Meanwhile, Frank finds out more about Faye, and Ian and Mickey suffer from some disastrous miscommunication.

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My Brothers' Crossing
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Weekend Preview: A Freshly Deviant ‘You’ Season And Several New (As Well As Upcoming) Netflix Offerings
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