movie news New Asgard Mystery: Who Is This Newly Discovered Endgame Alien?

New Asgard Mystery: Who Is This Newly Discovered Endgame Alien?

MOVIE NEWS - on 12 Aug 1919

Avengers: Endgame hit digital last week and is quickly speeding towards its Blu-ray debut. Many fans are watching the action on slo-mo as they meticulously track through each scene and frame, discovering new Easter eggs and oddities. Now, a mystery has arisen, as a strange creature was spotted roaming around in New Asgard that no one can immediately identify.

Who is this mysterious alien? Having a remote in hand to sift through the three hour movie is certainly turning Avengers: Endgame into a true old fashion Easter egg hunt. The Russo Brothers, the directing duo behind this box office behemoth, came out last week and confirmed that there are a number of big secrets still waiting to be discovered within the framework of the story. So, is this huge hulking beast one of them?

Fans stopping to pause on the New Asgard scene will be able to spot the alien in question. It we don't want to assume its gender, now do we? can be seen in the background as Rocket and Hulk arrive to retrieve Bro Thor from his man cave, where he's spent his days guzzling cheap beer and playing video games. If you pay attention just as Hulk jumps out of the truck bed, you'll see the creature in question lurking around in the background. This takes place before they have their talk with Valkyrie.

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A screenshot has been provided below, where you can see this mystery beast lumbering around towards the back right corner. He stands in front of the white building, and he is much too big to be a mere human or Asgardian. He doesn't appear to be any kind of threat to the denizens of this new landscape for the fallen folks of Asgard.

Most Asgardians look human. And we haven't seen this thing in any of the past three Thor movies. So that begs the question, what exactly are we looking at here? Some early speculation believes the alien looks like Thanos' Black Order member Cull Obsidian, with its shape, size and skin color matching Cull. This is definitely not Cull, though, as Obsidian met his untimely demise in Infinity War, before New Asgard was established. Unless there is some behind the scenes time travel shenanigans going on that we're not privy to yet.

The best guess is that this is one of the gladiators seen in Thor Ragnarok, from the planet Sakaar. As some fans have pointed out, there is one gladiator who matches this big beastie in size. Some of the gladiators managed to escape Sakaar with Loki at the end of the third Thor standalone movie. It is believed that some of them have made a home with the Asgardians in New Asgard.

Perhaps more will be revealed in Thor: Love and Thunder, which is coming in 2021. That movie will find ruler of New Asgard Valkyrie seeking out a Queen, so we will definitely be going back to this safe haven on earth. And it's likely that we'll learn more about what is going on in this burgeoning township, and meet some of its people. This Easter egg was first pointed out on

New Asgard Mystery: Who Is This Newly Discovered Endgame Alien?

New Asgard Mystery: Who Is This Newly Discovered Endgame Alien?

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movie news New Asgard Mystery: Who Is This Newly Discovered Endgame Alien?
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