movie news ‘Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary’ Trailer: How This ‘Star Trek’ Satire Became a Cult Classic

‘Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary’ Trailer: How This ‘Star Trek’ Satire Became a Cult Classic

MOVIE NEWS - on 18 Oct 2019

Fans will whip themselves into a frenzy debating over the best  Star Trek movie, when there is only one answer:  Galaxy Quest. The Dean Parisot-helmed 1999 comedy was a parody of the  Star Trek franchise and the ardor it inspired, but its affectionate and earnest approach has earned it the cult following of  Trek fans and non-fans alike. Now things have come full circle for  Galaxy Quest — a movie about aliens that believe a sci-fi series is a documentary now has its very own documentary.

Just in time for the film’s 20th anniversary,  Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary reunites stars Tim AllenSigourney WeaverSam Rockwell, and Justin Long, and features interviews with impressive celebrity fans like Greg BerlantiDamon Lindelof, and Wil Wheaton. Watch the  Never Surrender A Galaxy Quest Documentary trailer below.

Never Surrender A Galaxy Quest Documentary Trailer

Before nerds dominated the pop culture landscape,  Galaxy Quest was already making fun of them, and paying loving homage to them. The 1999 comedy has long been dubbed the best  Star Trek movie that’s not a  Star Trek movie, but it also may be the best depiction of fan culture at their best, with the nerds getting to save the day at the end of the film.

And the power is once again in fans’ hands for  Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary, which comes from the fan-powered companies Fandom and ScreenJunkies. “Fandom is powered by fans who deeply care about the movies, shows and games they love,” said Fandom SVP of Programming Michael Chiang. “ Galaxy Quest was the first film that put fans at the center of the action and really foretold the era we’re in now, where fans are the most powerful force in entertainment.”

Here is the synopsis for  Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary:

The documentary features the film’s stars, including Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Justin Long, Sam Rockwell, Tony Shalhoub, Missi Pyle, Rainn Wilson and Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, along with director Dean Parisot, writer Robert Gordon, and a legion of celebrity fans sharing their reminiscences and appreciation for this beloved film. Among the celebrities who appear in “Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary” are Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, Greg Berlanti, Damon Lindelof and more than a dozen other notable filmmakers, craftspeople and entertainment-industry observers who offer keen insight into the ways, both big and small, that “Galaxy Quest” has had lasting impact and developed a fan base that extends around the world.

Fathom Events is holding a one-night-only screening in theaters all over the United States on November 26, 2019.


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movie news ‘Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary’ Trailer: How This ‘Star Trek’ Satire Became a Cult Classic
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