Legions Noah Hawley Talks Tonights Series Finale, Fargo, Doctor Doom Movie & Cats Cradle Adaptation

Published on 13 Aug 1919
movie news Legions Noah Hawley Talks Tonights Series Finale, Fargo, Doctor Doom Movie & Cats Cradle Adaptation

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details of tonight's Legion series finale on FX.

After three mind-bending and time-traveling seasons, Legion came to an end tonight by going full circle, including on the soundtrack with The Who's “Happy Jack.”

A baby, a showdown with the parasitic Farouk Navid Negahban, a new beginning and future X-Men boss Charles Xavier Harry Lloyd empathically telling his powerful telepathic son David Heller/Legion Dan Stevens that he was “trapped in a war you didn't start.“ Did Daddy make it all better in the end of the series finale co-directed and co-penned by Hawley? Could anyone make it all better for the perpetual battle zone that was David's psyche?

Well, Legion being Legion, yes and no, as the self-described “twisted rainbow“ and exquisitely crafted series co-starring Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, Aubrey Plaza Jermaine Clement, Stephanie Corneliussen and Lauren Tsai made clear tonight in the 27th and final episode. Which, ending where it all started, makes one wonder if there is more to come or another place for the mutant character played by the Downton Abbey alum in the greater Marvel Universe now that FX is owned by Disney?

With his feature directorial debut Lucy in the Sky starring Stevens and Natalie Portman set for release this fall and the Chris Rock-led fourth season of Fargo about to head into high gear, Hawley chatted with me recently about the satisfaction of Legion's end and whether there would be more. The Before the Fall author also delved into the FX series based on the Coen brothers’ 1996 movie, whether his Doctor Doom flick is a go and the status of the Kurt Vonnegut adaption Cat's Cradle as a limited series for the John Landgraf-run cabler.

DEADLINE: You once said that “endings give stories meaning,“ so does this series finale have the meaning you sought?

HAWLEY: I mean I just sort of followed the story where it went is the laziest answer but also, on some level, the truest answer.

I allowed the genre to inspire me with this understanding that once we brought time into the story - which we really did last year - with the sort of future storyline it introduced past, present, and future in a way that became a bit more malleable. Then we introduced the Switch character in Season 3 and this desire to go back for David, which was very primal for him. He always had this feeling that his life had been ruined when he was a baby and that if he's ever going to have another chance he has to solve that original problem. All that just put us in a position where what would happen if he did that and how would he do that and can he do that and not be a villain? Can he redeem himself while doing that?

So, I think I always knew what the three acts of the story were, but the literal idea that the series is a loop came in the writing sort of the last act of this season.

DEADLINE: A last act literally that ends where it all began with The Who's “Happy Jack,” a true loop and a second chance, or is that open-ended?

HAWLEY: It's complete in that it's all starting all over again, so who knows what will happen the second time around. Maybe if you watch it a second time, something completely different will happen. I mean I feel complete with it. I think that I was able to, in an elegant way, tell a very expansive and kind of experimental story that still managed to resolve itself in a human and dramatic way.


HAWLEY: So that the ride that you went on isn't the roller coaster where it's just, “I can't believe the characters did that,” it's also, “I can't believe the show just did that.” In the end, it still resolved the way a good drama should resolve, which is in a satisfying, inspiring, cathartic manner.

DEADLINE: Time travel and the resolution, as well as the destruction that it can bring, is nothing new to the Marvel universe, but were you concerned that it slipped too close to the tropes of Avengers: Endgame?

HAWLEY: To be honest, I didn't see Endgame until after I finished Legion. Then I was like, “Oh, time travel. There you go.”

I will say, by the time I finished watching that movie, I thought they did something different than we did. I think that it's hard on some level to just swing a stick and not hit a show or a movie of the genre that hasn't played with time on some level.

What was most satisfying to me was to do things in our fourth hour this season which Daniel Kwan directed where we introduced the Time Eaters and you're watching the show and suddenly The Shield's Vic Mackey walks in the room. Good cop and bad cop are gone for the day. Your brain breaks a little and asks, “What is happening right now?”

The show was 15 years ago and what's happened is that I wanted you the audience to experience time travel - it's not just the characters within the show. Those kinds of ideas are what really kind of got me out of bed in the morning - to say, “How do we make the audience have a subjective experience that the characters are having?”

DEADLINE: You constantly played with perspective and expectations with the twisted rainbow, but one thing, among many, that struck me in the finale was when Harry Lloyd's Charles Xavier says, “No more travel, no more bloodshed. I've always wanted to be a teacher.“ It feels like you guys were reaching right out to the Marvel universe and then just putting your hand on it, like a palm on a cheek. There has been so much speculation through the three seasons of Legion about how that would work. How did that work for you as a creator?

HAWLEY: In thinking about bringing Charles into it and how to use him, obviously there was a lot of conversation about, “Which version is it?” Is it the sort of younger James McAvoy version, or is it the older Patrick Stewart version? It didn't seem consistent with any timeline to have the older version. So, then the question became, “Well, all right, so if he's a young man, then how young is he? And where is he in the large story?” I just thought that the most sort of emotional version was the young father who made mistakes because he didn't know. Then he meets adult David and he goes, “You're a baby,” I thought I would have time to figure all this stuff out. That idea that he had come from the war and that he'd met his wife in a mental institution the same way that his son had met his.

Those echoes were really interesting to me - and the fact that you're dealing with a David and a Charles who are basically the same age and one of them has to become a father in a way that he didn't expect. But the reality is the moment you have that baby, you have to become that father.

DEADLINE: As a parent to this show, do you think there could be more Legion? I remember in February that Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb referred to this iteration as kind of a graphic novel, and now this graphic novel is over, but there could be another graphic novel - do you have more Legion to tell?

HAWLEY: I think I did the sort of difficult egg carry to get the story and these characters through all the challenges that they had. And left them all in a sort of resolved and safe place in a way that feels satisfying to me.

I don't, at this moment, have as much thought in my head about returning to Legion or rebooting it or any of those things. You know, obviously the Marvel universe is huge and expansive, and this character is out there now. You could do a lot worse than to incorporate Dan Stevens into the X-Men, in my opinion. But it's not a conversation I've had. My head is on now in the film and in Fargo.

DEADLINE: That's some headspace I want to get into. But before that, how was that twisting journey that you and Dan took together to you in hindsight now that Legion is over?

HAWLEY: The thing with Dan is he's just such a grounded actor and performer. He's so nuanced that I didn't go out of my way to challenge him with the whimsical nature of the storytelling. He certainly learned to play the banjo and sing “Rainbow Connection,” while also signaling that something terrible is happening. Those kinds of challenges I don't think you would have gotten from any other story.

You know, I think what was very satisfying for him was that even though the show was very playful, his journey was never a joke. He was always in a position where his dramatic motivations were grounded and real and so you could ask him to use his powers, but it was always grounded in a real emotional motivation.

DEADLINE: Now, in other motivation, where are things at with Fargo 4?

HAWLEY: We're in the writing phase, we've basically completed the casting phase, and we'll start shooting in October to premiere in the spring.

DEADLINE: Tight, coming off Legion and with Lucy in the Sky coming out in October&hellip

HAWLEY: laughs We're filming in Chicago and next week I think the production offices open in Chicago, and I decided to go ahead and release a movie right when I'm prepping to direct the first hour of Fargo. So I suppose one could say I like multi-tasking, hough I would argue with you.

DEADLINE: I would use the term “daunting“ &hellip

HAWLEY: Yes, but I mean Fargo is such an extraordinary state of mind to tell a story in. That kind of combination of tragedy and comedy makes it really thrilling to go back into that mindset.

DEADLINE: And after Fargo, is Cat's Cradle still next on the dance card?

HAWLEY: It is, yeah. It's sort of on the docket behind Fargo, and I've written the first hour and have a sort of overview sense of the way that it will lay out. It's not at the front of my head right now, but I remain really excited about it and committed to the Vonnegut adventure that I'm going to go on.

DEADLINE: Is this still something you're looking at filming next year, or has that been pushed back?

HAWLEY: Yeah. I think so. I think next year is still the plan.

DEADLINE: Being that we are in front of a Marvel backdrop with Legion, where is the Doctor Doom movie at? You've spoken before about having a script ready but that ownership changes have put maybe a little pin in it for a while. Where does it stand in your perspective now with Disney taking control of the Fox assets formally this past spring?

HAWLEY: I mean, where it stands is now that the movie is done and Legion is done and I've taken a little time off because someone told me there was this word “vacation,” which means you don't work, which sounded really interesting to me. But you know, I need to circle back to them and announce that I would love to make it and figure out if that's something that is possible. Whether or not they already have a plan in place for what to do with those characters or whether they're open to my kind of vision for what to do with those characters. But it's sort of on me right now to go push them, which I will do as soon as I come up for air.

DEADLINE: That's a very unique, to put it politely, notion of a vacation &hellip

HAWLEY: I have no shortage of challenges, obviously. You know, the Fargo story feels very important to me right now. There's another book that I'm working on that I'm excited about, and I'm trying to figure out what the next film will be. I'm a lucky guy to have that much opportunity presented to me.

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Published on 08 Aug 1919
movie news Legions Noah Hawley Talks Tonights Series Finale, Fargo, Doctor Doom Movie & Cats Cradle Adaptation

Joe Watts, who suffered a serious head injury in a fall during the production of Universal’s Fast & Furious 9 at Leavesden studios in London last month, is out of the intensive care unit and “doctors are pleased with his progress,” according to a statement Thursday.

“While Joe remains in hospital and there is still a long road ahead, he has been moved out of the ICU and doctors are pleased with his progress,” read a statement from Watts, his fiancée Tilly Powell and their families. “We'd especially like to send an enormous thank you to the air ambulance crew, all the fantastic doctors, nurses and staff at the Royal London Hospital who have provided amazing care to Joe.“

Watts, whose stunt credits include Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Game of Thrones and The Hitman's Bodyguard and its upcoming sequel, was working with the film's second unit when he fell off an elevated set about 20 feet off the ground, according to sources close to the production. He was airlifted to Royal London Hospital and placed in an induced coma. Production was hed for the day after the incident.

“We would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes since Joe's accident whilst filming Fast & Furious 9,” today’s statement began.”We have been overwhelmed by the incredible support from friends, family and the stunt community, as well as the Fast & Furious 9 cast, crew and Universal Pictures.”

The studio also released a statement.

“Universal Pictures and the filmmakers, talent and crew of Fast & Furious 9, are heartened that Joe is on the road to recovery with the support of his loved ones. Joe is a professional in every sense of the word and his commitment to his craft is inspiring to all of us. We know he'll continue to inspire us throughout his recovery. Everyone in the Fast family sends our heartfelt wishes and we will continue to support Joe and his family however we can.“

Fast & Furious 9 is the latest installment in the Universal franchise, Justin Lin has returned to direct the sequel, which also returns Vin Diesel along with The Fate of the Furious&lsquo Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren, as well as franchise newcomer John Cena.

The pic is set to be released on May 22, 2020.

Source: deadline.com

Published on 08 Aug 1919
movie news Legions Noah Hawley Talks Tonights Series Finale, Fargo, Doctor Doom Movie & Cats Cradle Adaptation

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are moving from HBO to Netflix, as the pair have signed an exclusive multi-year deal with the popular streaming service. Reportedly, the pair's deal is in the 9-figure range, rivaling similar deals given to other Netflix show creators like Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy. Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos also confirmed the news in a statement. "We are thrilled to welcome master storytellers David Benioff and Dan Weiss to Netflix," Sarandos says. "They are a creative force and have delighted audiences worldwide with their epic storytelling. We can't wait to see what their imaginations will bring to our members."

Previously, it had been reported David Benioff and Dan Weiss were being courted by multiple companies, including HBO's WarnerMedia, Disney, Comcast, Amazon, and Apple. Because of their involvement in an upcoming trilogy of Star Wars movies for Disney, there was speculation Disney had the upper hand in landing the deal. As for why they decided to go with Netflix, Benioff and Weiss say it's because they had a lot in common creatively. "We remember the same shots from the same '80s movies we love the same books we're excited about the same storytelling possibilities. Netflix has built something astounding and unprecedented, and we're honored they invited us to join them," Benioff and Weiss stated.

Of course, David Benioff and Dan Weiss are best known for developing and showrunning Game of Thrones for the HBO network. Adapted from the book series by George R. R. Martin, the series became one of the most-watched programs on television and was consistently a hit with viewers and critics alike. However, the show controversially took a dive critically in its eighth and final season, with the final three episodes ranking among the very worst of the entire series. Still, even with the complaints about how it ended, the show brought about incredible success for the network.

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While Netflix will become the primary home for Benioff and Weiss, the pair intend to also fulfill their other creative obligations. This of course includes their planned trilogy of Star Wars movies for Disney, with the first movie planned to be released in 2022. Benioff and Weiss will be very hands-on with the production of these movies, creating, writing, and producing each installment themselves. The duo also wrote a Kurt Cobain project for Universal and are developing the prison break series Dirty White Boys for Fox and Disney. Needless to say, these guys are going to be extremely busy in the years ahead, but they'll also be rolling in an exorbitant amount of money.

Despite the complaints surrounding the show's final season, Game of Thrones was undoubtedly a tremendous hit for HBO. It's clear Netflix is hoping Benioff and Weiss will be able to achieve similar success on their own streaming service, as they will be developing multiple shows and movies for the company in the multi-year deal. It seems likely they'll first begin with a TV series, though there's no word yet on which potential projects they'll be working on first. This news was first reported by Deadline.

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Published on 08 Aug 1919
movie news Legions Noah Hawley Talks Tonights Series Finale, Fargo, Doctor Doom Movie & Cats Cradle Adaptation

Taika Waititi and Fox Searchlight Pictures are staying together for a secret new movie, Variety reports. The indie production company and distributor is behind Waititi’s “Jojo Rabbit,” which will world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before debuting in theaters in October. Waititi is attached to write and direct the mysterious Fox Searchlight movie with Garrett Basch producing. Insiders told Variety that Basch sold Waititi “on the prospect of getting this mystery project finished with enough time to then jump into the next ‘Thor.'”

Marvel’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” is expected to go into production at the beginning of 2020, which means Waititi and Fox Searchlight’s secret project will be filmed this fall. The rushed production timeline hints that the film is relatively small scale and probably not an ambitious period piece like “JoJo Rabbit.” Plot details about the film are remaining under wraps. Fox Searchlight’s acquisition of the film proves the studio’s relationship with Waititi is quite strong after the making of “Jojo,” which bodes will for the film’s upcoming Oscar campaign.

Waititi’s involvement with the fourth “Thor” movie was confirmed in July. The director recently appeared at Comic-Con to promote the upcoming sequel, which will reunite the franchise’s main stars Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Natalie Portman. The latter skipped Waititi’s “Thor: Ragnarok,” making “Love and Thunder” the Oscar-winning grand return to the MCU. Marvel’s Comic-Con panel revealed “Thor: Love and Thunder” would include Portman’s character becoming “Female Thor” and Thompson’s warrior Valkyrie getting a queer romance. Disney has already given “Thor: Love and Thunder” a November 5, 2021 release date.

With production on the secret new film set for the fall, Waititi is going to have quite the busy end to 2019. The writer-director will spend part of September world premiering “Jojo Rabbit” at TIFF and will certainly have Searchlight-backed events to attend in the lead-up to the movie’s release date. “Jojo” is being eyed as one of Searchlight’s primary Oscar contenders, so it remains to be seen how the studio will juggle getting Waititi out on the circuit to promote the film through awards season with the production of their new movie.

Fox Searchlight is opening “Jojo Rabbit” in theaters October 18.

Source: Indiewire

Published on 06 Aug 1919
movie news Legions Noah Hawley Talks Tonights Series Finale, Fargo, Doctor Doom Movie & Cats Cradle Adaptation

The James Bond 25 production now has people on bathroom patrol. The news comes after another peeping tom episode has been reported from the closed set bathrooms at Pinewood Studios. Back at the end of June, a man was arrested after Pinewood security found hidden cameras placed in the women's bathrooms. He was charged with voyeurism and could face up to two years in jail, along with a hefty fine to go along with it. It is unclear if the man has been charged at this time. However, this story unfolds a little differently than the first restroom incident.

This time, an unidentified man slipped his smart phone underneath the stall to film a woman using the restroom without her consent. The woman eventually saw what was happening and immediately ran out of the bathroom screaming for help while yelling for someone to find the man who was filming her. As of this writing, the unidentified man was able to get away and still has not been found by authorities. Pinewood Studios has since beefed up security and now has someone patrolling the Bond 25 toilets to look out for any other potential weirdness that may go down.

If all of that wasn't bad enough, it is believed the peeping tom is a member of the Bond 25 crew. Access to the set is tight since it is reserved for the cast and crew of the highly anticipated sequel and the investigation is ongoing. For now, even with the bathroom patrols going, women have reportedly been advised to visit the restroom in groups to make sure this type of incident doesn't happen again. This is just another problem to add to the pile for the production of Bond 25, which may have been cursed.

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Bond 25 star Daniel Craig was injured very early on in the production and had to sit out for an entire month due to surgery and the following rehabilitation. The actor famously said he didn't want to come back to play the character again, which may have been where all of this negative energy surrounding the sequel started from. With that being said, he is back on the set and things are apparently going a lot smoother than they were before, except for the bathroom problems that keep occurring at Pinewood Studios.

Hopefully the latest peeping tom from the set of Bond 25 is found and arrested like the last one. From Grace Jones reportedly landing on set and then quickly bailing, to a crew member getting injured by an on-set explosive, things have not been running so smooth and it's beginning to look like it might be a miracle of sorts to see this movie in theaters next year. For now, we'll just have to wait and see. The Sun U.K. was the first to report about the latest Bond 25 bathroom drama.

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Published on 03 Aug 1919
movie news Legions Noah Hawley Talks Tonights Series Finale, Fargo, Doctor Doom Movie & Cats Cradle Adaptation

Kevin Smith has thrown some fuel on the already raging fire, one that just won't seem to die down, that is the Snyder Cut. For nearly two years now, DC fans have been wondering about the cut of Justice League, that may or may not exist, that is at least closer to what Zack Snyder's vision would have been, had he stayed on as director and Warner Bros. allowed him to execute that vision. But that's not what happened. Smith, however, claims the Snyder Cut does indeed exist and that the studio should absolutely release it.

Over the last year or so, various people, some involved with the production of Justice League and others just involved in the movie business, have weighed in on the Snyder Cut. However, there is still some contention as to whether or not the mythical version actually exists. Kevin Smith is here to declare it's no myth.

The filmmaker behind Clerks has been making the rounds to promote his latest, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. During a recent interview, the subject of the Snyder Cut came up. While Smith admits he hasn't seen the cut himself, he's confident it exists. Here's what he had to say about it.

"I've not seen it firsthand. And also to be clear, I know Zack, but it's not like, 'We're f****** tight son!'... That being said, I've spoken now to enough people at various levels in that production. There IS a Snyder cut. For sure. That's not a mythical beast. It exists. Now, it's not a finished movie by any stretch of the imagination. There were things that went away from the story that they shot that didn't wind up going into visual effects or anything like that. So I would assume, based on what I've been told, that large sections of that Snyder Cut are, you know, pre-viz with a lot of green screen. We're not talking a finished movie. When people hear 'Snyder Cut' in their heads, they think about, like, a DVD they've seen of an extended cut or something that's finished. The 'Snyder Cut' that, again I haven't seen, but the one I've heard everyone speak of was never a finished film. It was a movie that people in production could watch and fill in the blanks. It was certainly not meant for mass consumption."

This gets to the heart of the issue. Joss Whedon stepped in to finish the movie once Zack Snyder departed. Significant rewrites took place and much of the DC adaptation was reshot. As such, much of what Snyder had done wound up on the cutting room floor. Many people assume the existence of Snyder's version means it's totally done, sitting in a vault somewhere. That's not at all the case. Despite that, Kevin Smith still feels the in-progress cut is something certain fans would respond to.

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"I feel confident that the audience could handle that cut of the movie without being like... I think there's a common thought process, probably within the studio, and again, no studio has said this to me, but I would assume that they're like, 'We can't show people this. Yes, there is a Snyder Cut, but no audience would be able to look at this and see what the director's intent was.' I disagree. That would seem like common wisdom because everyone always wants to put their best foot forward. But I think the audience now, particularly the audience that would consume the Snyder Cut and discuss it at great length, can watch a work print. They can watch a work-in-progress and fill in the blanks in their heads."

Odds are, Warner Bros. is never going to allow this cut to see the light of day. What's more, they're certainly not going to pay whatever it would take to finish it properly. So, the best we could ever hope for is the cut as described by Kevin Smith. But don't hold your breath. This news was first reported by CinemaBlend.

Source: Movieweb

movie news Legions Noah Hawley Talks Tonights Series Finale, Fargo, Doctor Doom Movie & Cats Cradle Adaptation
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