IT Chapter Two Is Coming to 4DX, 4DX Extreme & ScreenX

Published on 14 Aug 1919
movie news IT Chapter Two Is Coming to 4DX, 4DX Extreme & ScreenX

Are you ready to feel the sheer terror that comes with being haunted by Pennywise the Dancing Clown? Warner Bros. and CJ 4DPLEX are officially bringing the upcoming sequel IT Chapter Two to an immersive theater experience near you this fall. And it sounds absolutely horrifying.

CJ 4DPLEX, the world's leading cinema technology company, together with Warner Bros. Pictures, announced today the release of New Line Cinema's IT Chapter Two in three leading next-generation cinema technologies: the multi-sensory 4DX format, the ened 4DX Extreme available in select theaters and territories and the panoramic, 270-degree ScreenX. When the film is released globally on September 6, 2019, audiences worldwide will be able to take in the highly anticipated horror franchise finale in the cutting-edge auditoriums of 4DX and ScreenX.

IT Chapter Two in 4DX will bring another chilling layer of suspense to the tense atmosphere of Derry with a combination of motion, vibration and environmental effects. And, for those who dare, IT Chapter Two in 4DX Extreme will be made even more terrifying. Amping the levels of motion, vibration and environmental effects by up to 20 percent, 4DX Extreme will have audiences jolting and gripping the edge of their seats, taking in the intensely suspenseful atmosphere of the 4DX auditorium in 4DX Extreme.

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Finally, IT Chapter Two in ScreenX will expand the world of Derry, with key sequences throughout the film projected onto the left and right-side walls of the auditorium, surrounding the audience and enhance the looming, atmospheric tones of the film inside the theater. As the screen stretches onto the ScreenX wings, suspenseful images will dance in the peripherals of the audience, drawing the audience deeper into the experience. Said JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX.

"We have had a longstanding partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, and we are thrilled to be releasing our sixth collaboration this year with IT Chapter Two in 4DX, 4DX Extreme and ScreenX. Each collaboration has been wonderful, and we look forward to having audiences gripping onto their seats as they watch the ened and terrifying concluding chapter of 'IT' for a one-of-a-kind in-theater experience."

Said Thomas Molter, Head of International Distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures.

"We are incredibly excited to be expanding our partnership with CJ 4DPLEX to release IT Chapter Two in 4DX, 4DX Extreme and in ScreenX. We trust CJ 4DPLEX to add something new and exciting to the film-going experience, and this film, enhanced by these cutting-edge formats, is going to be a lot of fun and especially terrifying for our audiences."

This partnership follows past successful collaborations between CJ 4DPLEX and Warner Bros. Pictures that include: Annabelle Comes Home, The Curse of La Llorona, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, POKÉMON Detective Pikachu and Shazam! in both 4DX and ScreenX formats.

4DX enhances the on-screen visuals of action-packed adventures and haunting horror films, transcending the traditional cinema experience through such special effects as motion-synchronized seats, wind, fog, rain, lightning, snow, bubbles, vibrations, and scents. The result is one of the most exciting cinema formats in the industry, drawing fans deeper into the action on the big screen. 4DX Extreme ramps up the motion and environmental effects further, ening the effects by up to 20 percent, perfect for adrenaline junkies and super 4DX fans.

ScreenX is the world's first multi-projection theatre technology that allows a 270-degree panoramic movie watching experience. ScreenX allows the audience to go beyond the frame of the traditional movie screen, utilizing a proprietary system to expand the center screen image to the side walls, surrounding audiences with imagery and providing a sense of being inside the movie.

In the U.S., IT Chapter Two will be available in 4DX with Regal Cinemas, Cinepolis, Marcus Theatres and CGV Cinemas, and "IT Chapter Two" in ScreenX will be available with Regal Cinemas, B&B Theatres and CGV Cinemas.

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Published on 17 Aug 1919
movie news IT Chapter Two Is Coming to 4DX, 4DX Extreme & ScreenX

Director Michael Dougherty has shared a ton of concept art for Godzilla: King of the Monsters ahead of the upcoming Blu-ray release. In the lead up to the summer movie season, this felt like one of the most anticipated releases coming down the pipeline. It had been five years since we last saw the legendary monster grace the big screen at least in this version of the franchise and this time, Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah were along for the ride. Things sadly didn't pan out the way Warner Bros. had hoped. However, this latest batch of concept art shows the epic kaiju action in gorgeous new light.

Taking to Twitter, Michael Dougherty decided to dump 20 stunning pieces of concept art from the Godzilla sequel, which showcase some of the most amazing imagery from the monster flick in the early stages. Much of what we see here ended up in the final movie and seems very faithful to the final version. The monsters all also look extremely close to the creature designs featured in the movie, so we would guess much of this was late-stage concept art. Dougherty shared the images with the following caption.

"Wanna see some fun concept art from #GodzillaMovie?"

There are a few very intriguing shots that didn't make the cut, such as one man spectating as Mothra emerges. The batch even includes a version of the final shot in the movie spoilers which sees Godzilla taking his rightful place as king, with the rest of the kaiju surrendering to his leadership. The image gives us a good look at some of the new beasts created for the movie. Regardless of how one feels about the final product, it's hard to argue against the beauty contained within these images, which is surely why the actual movie proved to be such a frustrating endeavor for many.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters, from the earliest stages of the marketing through every single trailer, put forth a massive monster showdown that was truly something to behold visually. For quite a few critics and moviegoers, the final product just didn't deliver the goods. The movie currently holds a less-than-stellar 41 percent critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which didn't help build any buzz for the blockbuster. Though, the audience rating sits at 83, signaling that quite a few moviegoers did enjoy the unabashed brawl we got.

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In any event, the sequel topped out at $385 million globally, a whole lot less than its 2014 predecessor, which pulled in $529 million. Yet, the MonsterVerse will soldier on, as Adam Wingard Blair Witch has already filmed Godzilla vs. Kong, which is set to hit theaters on March 13, 2020. Those interested in picking up Godzilla: King of the Monsters can get it on digital HD now, with the Blu-ray/DVD and 4K Ultra HD release scheduled for August 27. Be sure to check out the concept art from Mike Dougherty's Twitter account for yourself.

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Published on 15 Aug 1919
movie news IT Chapter Two Is Coming to 4DX, 4DX Extreme & ScreenX
strong>EXCLUSIVE: Emmy winner Kyle Chandler has come aboard the George Clooney-directed untitled Netflix post-apocalyptic film, which Clooney will star in along with Felicity Jones.

Chandler is set to play an American astronaut named Mitchell in the film, which follows the parallel stories of Augustine Clooney, a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to make contact with the crew of the Aether spacecraft as they try to return home to Earth.

Mark L. Smith, the screenwriter behind The Revenant, penned the script based on Lily Brooks-Don's 2016 novel Good Morning, Midnight.

Clooney and his filmmaking partner Grant Heslov are producing the pic under their Smokehouse Pictures banner with Anonymous Content and Syndicate Entertainment.

The project reunites Chandler and Clooney as the two most recently worked together on the Hulu miniseries, Catch 22. Chandler was just seen on the big screen in WB’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters and will reprise his role in the follow-up, Godzilla vs. Kong, out next year.

He’s repped by Gersh and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.


Published on 08 Aug 1919
movie news IT Chapter Two Is Coming to 4DX, 4DX Extreme & ScreenX

This summer, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum stands as the gold standard in immersive cinema. The Hobbs & Shaw 4DX experience comes in a close second. Perhaps it has more action, but Keanu Reeves' renegade hitman has more genuine heart, which makes some of the punches hit a little harder. That said, The Rock and Jason Statham bring big brawls and a lot of fireworks to what is essentially a 2 hour and 16 minute rocket ride into the stratosphere.

The Fast and the Furious franchise has always been a roaring theme park ride for the eyes, and these outings never take themselves too seriously. If you don't have fun watching Vin, Dwayne, Michelle and the rest of the crew roll around in the gravel, I can't help you. It's escapist fast food at its finest, turned up at full volume. 4DX was made for the Fast and Furious saga. I can't imagine seeing it any other way.

Though I did. Days before strapping myself into this rollicking roller coaster of rapid fire free falls and gut punches, I found myself watching Hobbs & Shaw for the first time in a standard 2D theater. Never mind the reasons why, but watching Deckard Shaw and Luke Hobbs roll with the punches in a stationary, upright position, I realized I have begun to crave the 4DX experience. Perhaps I'm becoming addicted.

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Or perhaps this type of movie actually benefits from being able to kick the living shit out of you. Just like John Wick, the seat punches, stabs and shoots you all the way through to the end. But having seen the movie in 2D, I'm able to point out a few scenes that absolutely benefit from spending that extra cash at the box office.

First, the story. Is that even important when it comes to a Fast and Furious movie? I've seen them all leading up to Hobbs & Shaw. Aside from the spectacular stunt work and.a few key set pieces, I'd be hard pressed to tell you what any of them are about. And definitely not by which sequel. The same rings true here. We get a quick and easy set up, that amounts to as much exposition as you get from Hondo Ohnaka before you step on the Millennium Falcon ride at Galaxy's Edge.

There is a rogue virus that will turn humanity's insides into soup. Quite literally. Shaw's sister is carrying it around inside her body. Hobbs and Shaw have to team up to get it out of her, save the girl and the world. And all the while, they are being chased by a shadowy organization who has their very own 'black superman' that they can deploy at will like a pity-party prone Terminator. This sets the stage for plenty of car chases, fist fights, and shoot-outs all leading up to one big moment where The Rock pulls a helicopter out of the sky with his bare arms.

The sum of its parts is pure Six Flags adrenaline-fueled theme park ride sold at one hundred percent. And it almost certainly needs 4DX to full accomplish its mission. This isn't Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a movie that would not benefit from rocking hydraulics at all. It's a different type of cinematic achievement. Tarantino brings highbrow art, food for the soul and mind. Seen in this type of environment, Hobbs & Shaw could be considered art, too. It's subjective and completely on the other side of the table. It's food for the gut and muscles.

A few of my favorite moments that totally floored me in 4DX that I didn't give a second thought to while watching the movie in 2D? First, there is an opening credit sequence that shows Hobbs and Shaw in split screen. We watch their daily routine. These are very different gentleman striving for the same goal. Two astrological signs that clash in compatibility. The Taurus Dwayne Johnson and the Leo Jason Statham, which actually happen to be two very incompatible birth signs and it shows on screen. They have the same mission, only they go at it very differently.

Their standard morning run soon turns into a nighttime hunt for answers. They know the virus is loose, and they want to find out who has it. So they each go to a nightclub on opposite sides of the globe. They both get into huge rumbles. And they both have different means of getting the job done. We feel every kick to the chest, every punch to the jaw. And while that is enjoyable in 2D, there is something more visceral about getting to swing with the fists and move with the feet. Staham's Shaw is using a Champagne bottle to assault his assailants. At the end of the melee, he tosses the bottle on the ground, it shatters, no big deal in 2D. A very forgettable moment to be sure.

But in 4DX, when the bottle hits the ground, you get blasted in the face hard. It's water, but it sure feels like a bottle of champagne just exploded in your eyeballs, and it adds a whole other dimension to the fun and thrills found packed tight in this trunk full of roadside explosives. That's a small thing when looking at the big picture. But having watched in both 2D and 4DX, that particular moment stood out.

Another big 4DX moment that you might not expect to be so enthralling when seen in a standard issue theater is the interrogation scene. Idris Elba has Hobbs and Shaw chained to their chairs, ready to electrocute them. Standard issue torture scene in any give action movie, right? But here, you get to feel each and every shock given to our two heroes. You're not fried to a crisp, and it's basically a big fat joy buzzer for your butthole. But it makes the moment way more exciting. For a few seconds, you get to live in these characters' shoes.

Those are just a couple of things that caught me off guard, having experienced 4DX before. There are plenty of big moments you know damn well are coming. One of the major selling factors has been pushed home in the trailers. We watch Hobbs and Shaw scale down the side of a building, in pursuit of Brixton. Here, it comes tagged with a vertigo effect, a free fall that allows you to experience what it's like to scale down a skyscraper. It's described in the 4DX literature for the movie as 'encapsulating motion, vibration, wind and even the back tickler capturing the stomach turning feeling of speeding down the sheer face of a building at top-notch speed.' I think they oversell it a little. I was really looking forward to this particular moment. I was a tad underwhelmed.

But, on the flip side of that, there is an immediate car and motorcycle chase that follows. And it's a banger. The whole thing ends with Brixton getting shot through the side of a bus, and you literally feel like you were there by his side through the whole ordeal. It could almost be described as being locked in a washing machine on final spin, high cycle.

The pamphlet for Hobbs and Shaw comes with a lot of promises. For the most part, they deliver. Especially when trapped in an environment like a Fast and Furious spin-off. Here are some of the highlights the movie offers by the truckload.

• 4DX captures the intensity of hand to hand combat scenes as you feel every punch, kick, tackle and slam with motion, vibration, back impact stimulator and leg tickler.• Feel like you're along for the ride in the intense vehicle sequences featuring motorcycles, helicopters, and speeding cars where you can feel the whiplash from the speed with the seats motion, vibration, back impact stimulator, leg tickler and bottom air gusts - careen through the air and streets, feeling all the swerves, turns and 0 to 100 break neck motion.• The 4DX slow-motion effect leads the audience through an adrenaline pumping chase sequence going from high-octane speed to gasp worthy slow-motion moments as the seats heave, pitch and roll motion and vibration, to the moment where suspense is suspended in time.

Everything you read here is pretty much the truth. Don't hold it as gospel. Sometime the 4DX experience can be oversold. But then there are the moments you don't expect, which take you by complete surprise and sell the whole enterprise home. If you want a further breakdown of what you'll get for that extra ticket price, here's a further break down.

Additional 4DX Effect enhancement details• Bullets - strobe light, strong vibration, and heave motion put you in the middle of explosive gun fights• Explosions - warm air and fog bring the heat and lingering smoke of the explosions right into the theater• Samoan breeze - feel the cooling tropical wind surround you• Get caught off guard with some Champagne poppin' and canister explosion moments as the face air + water add a fun level of surprise• Embrace the rain gods in the Samoan rainstorm - those who don't want to get wet can easily opt out from their seat• Feel the villain's cybernetic enhancements kick in as the seats vibration make your skin feel like it's alive.

My theater never has the water turned up high. I thought perhaps this was how it was, but I've heard reports of other theaters where you get drenched. There is an option to turn off the water, but why would you ever do that? Some of the effects seem to be turned up at different volumes depending on where you've decided to sit, or time of day. Each 4DX experience has been unique on its own. Thus far, I have not been disappointed. Except for maybe the first thirty minutes of Spider-Man: Far From Home, where I forgot I was even sitting in a 4DX theater. But that was more the movie's fault than the operation at hand.

So far, I have seen John Wick 3, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Hobbs & Shaw in the 4DX Experience. From those titles, you can pretty much guess which type of movie works best in this environment. Every time it's been a blast. And I highly recommend seeing Hobbs & Shaw at a 4DX theater if you have the chance. It's definitely worth it, and if you haven't been before, this one will sell you home. It's not as brutal as John Wick, but there's nothing like getting beat up by your theater seat. Best part of all, you'll never be able to tell if the person behind you is kicking your headrest. Heading into Hobbs & Shaw's second weekend in theaters, you can find the closest 4DX screen at

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Movieweb.

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Published on 25 Jul 1919
movie news IT Chapter Two Is Coming to 4DX, 4DX Extreme & ScreenX

10 years after the original hit theaters, we've finally got the first trailer for Zombieland Double Tap. Sony Pictures decided to skip out on presenting at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but many thought they'd be releasing the first footage from their highly-anticipated, post-apocalyptic sequel online during the big event. That didn't happen. Instead, they waited a week, and now we have it! This has been a long time coming and, after a whole lot of talk, we finally have hard evidence that this movie is finally coming our way. And it will be here in just a few short months.

Fans have been waiting, one could argue ever since the credits rolled on the first Zombieland, for a sequel. It's taken a lot longer than many would have liked, but better late than never certainly seems to apply in this case. The benefit of waiting for so long is that it gives us a chance to see what the world looks like a decade into a zombie apocalypse. We're not just picking up right where things left off when Columbus and the gang left Pacific Playland. A lot had happened in the years that followed. A lot has changed. Yet, humankind hasn't been able to eradicate the zombie problem. That's still a nagging issue.

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The entire core cast is returning for the follow-up. This includes Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus, Emma Stone as Wichita, Abigail Breslin as Little Rock and Woody Harrellson as Tallahassee. New cast members include Luke Wilson Old School, Zoey Deutch Set It Up, Rosario Dawson Daredevil and Thomas Middleditch Godzilla: King of the Monsters. A large reason for the long delay had to do with getting all of the old cast members back together. In the last decade, they've all become major stars who have been very busy, which has made it challenging to get them all back on the same movie set.

Behind the scenes, Ruben Fleischer, who helmed the original, is back in the director's chair. It doesn't hurt matters, at least from the studio's perspective, that Fleischer most recently directed Venom, which went on to become a much bigger than expected hit, bringing in $856 million worldwide. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick also returned to pen the screenplay. Since the first movie, they've become two of the hottest screenwriters in Hollywood, largely thanks to their work on the Deadpool movies. In any event, the entire original team is back to try and recapture the magic.

Released in 2009, Zombieland asserted itself as a modern horror/comedy classic. Critics and audiences alike responded well to it, as the movie currently holds a 90 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It also did quite well at the box office, bringing in $109 million worldwide. Will the sequel be able to replicate that success? We'll find out when Zombieland 2: Double Tap arrives in theaters on October 18 from Sony Pictures. Be sure to check out the brand new trailer for yourself.

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Published on 24 Jul 1919
movie news IT Chapter Two Is Coming to 4DX, 4DX Extreme & ScreenX

Producer Guillermo del Toro and director Andre Ovredal's upcoming adaptation of Alvin Schwartz's kid's horror book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will be unleashed upon the masses next month. I don't know about you, but I'm super excited to see what Del Toro and company have in store for us with this new flick.

And today we have word that over the weekend at Comic-Con, Guillermo del Toro explained why the upcoming family-friendly horror movie isn't taking the anthology route. And it makes a whole lot of sense. Del Toro explains this.

"When we started talking about this about five years ago, I had to think about it. Anthology films are always as bad as the worst story in them - they're never as good as the best story. Then I remembered in 'Pan's Labyrinth,' I created a book called the Book of Crossroads. I thought it could be great if we had a book that reads you, and it writes what you're most afraid of. Then the theme became stories we tell each other."

I get this approach. After all, as a rabid horror movie fan, I'm also a big fan of horror anthologies such as Creepshow, V/H/S, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, After Midnight, and Tales from the Hood. And Del Toro is right. Even the best horror anthology tends to be judged by it's weakest link. Those are just the unwritten rules of the game - unless we're talking about Trilogy of Terror starring Karen Black. In that case, everyone forgives the lesser entry to celebrate the Zulu Fetish Doll entry. And for good reason too.

But anyway, from the sound of all of this, Del Toro and company look to be taking their horror tale into the Pulp Fiction style that made Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Krampus director Michael Dougherty's 2007 fright flick Trick 'r Treat work so well. Make it all one complete story with fun self-contained offshoots. Works for me. In theory, that is. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if this was the right approach when the movie opens next weekend. Jangly fingers crossed.

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The Pale Lady, The Toe Monster, and Harold the Scarecrow are just a few of the infamous Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark monsters who will creep up on the screen in this new adaptation. Troy James will join those creatures as an original entity known as The Jangly Man. Moo-Haha.

Del Toro's upcoming tale of teen-terror is coming our way from The Autopsy of Jane Doe and Troll Hunter filmmaker Andre Ovredal. Ovredal will helm this flick from a screenplay written by Dan and Kevin Hageman based on a story by Del Toro, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan based on the books by Alvin Schwartz. CBS Films, Entertainment One, 1212 Entertainment, Double Dare You Productions, and Sean Daniel Company are the production companies behind the scenes of this new movie. Lionsgate will distribute it into a theater near you on August 9, 2019. Meanwhile, this story comes to us out of Comic-Con via Bloody Disgusting.

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movie news IT Chapter Two Is Coming to 4DX, 4DX Extreme & ScreenX
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