Did In-Flight Infinity War Snap Victims Plummet to Their Deaths Upon Endgame Return?

Published on 14 Aug 1919
movie news Did In-Flight Infinity War Snap Victims Plummet to Their Deaths Upon Endgame Return?

Avengers: Endgame makes its way to Blu-ray/DVD and 4K Ultra HD today, which is really the last step in the cycle for not just the biggest movie of the year, but now of all time. This is, at this point, a victory lap for Marvel Studios. Yet, even after all of those tickets sold and all of those fans viewing the movie, certain questions still need to be answered, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has just answered a really big one. Namely, how did Hulk managed to safely undo Thanos' original snap?

Just to recap. Thanos ended Infinity War by completing his mission. He gathered all of the Infinity Stones and snapped half of all life out of existence. The majority of Avengers: Endgame sees our remaining heroes trying to gather the Infinity Stones via time travel to undo the snap. Eventually, this is accomplished and since Hulk is the strongest Avengers, he opts to do the snap and bring everyone back. Hulk is successful. A large battle ensues, but those dusted by Thanos originally were brought back to life safely.

Many have called into question this particular moment. There are many variables. What if someone were getting surgery at the time of the snap? Would they come back with an open chest? What if people were on a plane mid-flight during the snap? Would they come back in midair? Kevin Feige, in a recent interview, was asked this precise question. Here's what he had to say about it.

"If people were in an airplane when they were dusted, they didn't return at 35,000 feet. They didn't fall to their deaths because Smart Hulk is smart, and when he snapped... You can wish for whatever you want and you can wish for everyone to come back safely. Done."

While the specifics of how the Infinity Stones work when their powers are combined remains fuzzy, it's clear that one wielding the gauntlet can, more or less, do as they please with no limits. So it makes sense that Hulk, with his strength and Bruce Banner's brain, could properly think this through before snapping his fingers. Credit where credit is due, the folks behind the MCU do have an answer for this stuff and they do think things through.

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Directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Endgame was embraced by critics and fans alike, on its way to a record-breaking $2.79 billion run at the box office. That was enough to help it topple James Cameron's Avatar as the highest-grossing movie ever, which is no small feat. This movie had to accomplish a lot and, not only did it manage to satisfyingly conclude this large story arc, but it's clear a whole lot of thought went into how this was all ultimately accomplished. Avengers: Endgame is now available on Digital HD or your preferred form of physical media. This news comes to us via Empire.

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Published 9 hour ago on 21 Aug 1919
movie news Did In-Flight Infinity War Snap Victims Plummet to Their Deaths Upon Endgame Return?

The internet has been set ablaze by the news that Sony Pictures and Disney are reportedly parting ways on future Spider-Man movies. This has led the hashtag #BoycottSony to begin trending on social media, as many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are not at all pleased, should this news prove to be true. But there are many layers to the situation, which is becoming seemingly more complex by the minute.

First, here's what happened. A report indicated that Sony, who still owns the rights to Spider-Man and his rogues gallery of characters, couldn't reach financial terms with Disney and Marvel Studios on further sequels to Spider-Man: Far From Home. As such, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is said to no longer be creatively involved in the future Spider-Man movies and Sony would press forward with two solo sequels on their own, with Jon Watts attached to direct and Tom Holland set to reprise his role.

However, the implication is that Spider-Man could no longer be connected to the MCU. That means that Peter Parker can't appear in any future MCU movies following Avengers: Endgame, nor can the inevitable Spider-Man 3 have any real ties to the MCU. That makes things extremely complicated for both sides. Given the popularity of the MCU up to this point, and the love fans have for Tom Holland's version of the webslinger, certain fans started to voice their distaste using the #BoycottSony hashtag, and it really took off.

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It's well worth mentioning that some conflicting reports are floating around right now. Several reports say that Sony and Disney could still reach a deal, and that part of the issue has boiled down to producer credits. The consensus seems to be that Disney wanted a bigger slice of the pie. The studio is said to have offered Sony terms with a 50/50 co-financing deal on future installments of the franchise. As of right now, Marvel Studios produces the solo movies, but only ends up sharing about 5 percent of the profits. Sony didn't agree to those terms and that has led to a stalemate.

Sony ultimately failed with The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, led by Andrew Garfield, which led to the deal with Marvel Studios in 2015. Since then, not only have Spider-Man: Far From Home and Homecoming been huge hits, but the movies Tom Holland appeared in alongside his fellow heroes, Captain America: Civil War, Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, have been monumentally successful. Meanwhile, Sony has had luck flying solo on the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and the spin-off Venom. For both sides, it's easy to see where they stand, but it could come at a big cost for fans who want to see this creative partnership continue. Be sure to check out the tweets we've collected below. News of the split between Sony and Disney was first reported by Deadline.

Published 13 hour ago on 21 Aug 1919
movie news Did In-Flight Infinity War Snap Victims Plummet to Their Deaths Upon Endgame Return?

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige won’t produce any further Spider-Man films because of an inability by Disney and Sony Pictures to reach new terms that would have given the former a co-financing stake going forward. A dispute that has taken place over the past few months at the top of Disney and Sony has essentially nixed Feige, and the future involvement of Marvel from the Spider-Man universe, sources said.

This comes at a moment when the last two films Kevin Feige produced broke all-time records - Disney’s Avengers: Endgame became the highest grossing film of all time, and Spider-Man: Far From Home this week surpassed the James Bond film Skyfall to become the all time highest grossing film for Sony Pictures.

Columbia Pictures

Sources said there are two more Spider-Man films in the works that are meant to have director Jon Watts and Tom Holland front and center. Unless something dramatic happens, Feige won’t be the lead creative producer of those pictures.

There is a lot of webbing here, but it all comes down to money, and it’s easy to understand why both sides refused to give ground. Disney asked that future Spider-Man films be a 50/50 co-financing arrangement between the studios, and there were discussions that this might extend to other films in the Spider-Man universe. Sony turned that offer down flat, and I don’t believe they even came back to the table to figure out a compromise. Led by Tom Rothman and Tony Vinciquerra, Sony just simply didn’t want to share its biggest franchise. Sony proposed keeping the arrangement going under the current terms where Marvel receives in the range of 5% of first dollar gross, sources said. Disney refused.

Now, it’s easy to say that Feige has enough on his plate, especially after taking control of the X-Men universe in the Fox acquisition, including the Deadpool franchise, along with architecting the next phase of the Marvel superhero universe and building movies and shows for Disney +. But I’m told Feige loves Spider-Man, arguably the biggest superhero character in the Marvel canon. He would have continued if Disney and Sony could have reached new deal terms.

Essentially Sony has made a decision that is similar to saying, thank you, but we think we can win the championship without Michael Jordan. After all, Feige’s first decade at Marvel is largely unblemished and his consistency has been nothing short of historic: even George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson haven’t seen everything turn into a hit, and so maybe only James Cameron has the success record that Feige has achieved. But Feige has done it all in the last 10 years, producing and overseeing 23 superheros, with not a flop in the bunch.  They’ve all been number one openers that have collectively grossed $26.8 billion. Feige this year became the producer of the top grossing film ever for two studios - Sony and Disney - and he produced three of the top four highest grossing films this year in Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home. This after scoring the first ever Best Picture Oscar nom for a superhero film last year with Black Panther. I can’t think of a Hollywood producer/executive who has done anything close to this.

And the launch of the new iteration of Spider-Man was done brilliantly with Marvel’s support and help. It has been a boon to both studios. Tom Holland’s character was introduced in the Joe & Anthony Russo-directed 2016 blockbuster Captain America: Civil War, the film that set up the two record breaking Avengers films. Sony’s first rebooted Spidey film, 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, rode that Marvel wave and grossed $880 million worldwide, and then the webslinger was a key character in the two Avengers films, leading to the Spidey sequel that this week became Sony’s top grossing film ever.

Sources said Disney’s top brass for the past several months has sought new terms for Feige and the Marvel cross-pollination to continue. As the Spider-Man relationship grew, Feige and Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman spoke about the possibility of a wider involvement in the Sony-controlled Spider-man universe, which contains 900 characters. I’m told that Feige lent an unofficial hand with the blockbuster Venom, but I’ve also been told that that film was far from the polished product that grossed $856 million worldwide, until Rothman himself spent a good long time in the editing room helping to get it there.

It is understandable that the fiscally shrewd Rothman would balk at giving up half of Sony’s biggest franchise to Marvel. After all, Marvel already owns the merchandising on Spider-Man. Does the Mouse really need half of the movie universe also? Sony so far has decided that as valuable as Feige is, Disney is asking too high a price.

Sources said that Sony reasoned that they will be fine, without Feige. The creative template has been set on the Spider-Man films, and Watt and Holland are in place along with Amy Pascal, who became producer with Feige after she exited the executive suite after presiding over the previous Spider-man iterations directed by Sam Raimi and Marc Webb as Sony Pictures chief.

The Venom sequel is well underway with Andy Serkis directing Tom Hardey, and there is Morbius with Jared Leto, Kraven The Hunter, and another spinoff with the characters Silver Sable and Black Cat. And a Sinister Six film that got shelved. Sony, which once felt the ticking clock of generating a Spider-Man film every three or so years to prevent a rights reversion to Disney, now has plenty of pictures to make. And the studio also won the Best Animated Feature Oscar for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, a smash hit they made on their own.

No comment from Marvel/Disney, Feige or Sony Pictures.

Source: deadline.com

Published 13 hour ago on 20 Aug 1919
movie news Did In-Flight Infinity War Snap Victims Plummet to Their Deaths Upon Endgame Return?

You can put your remote down and get your finger off that pause button. While it seemed like there was a new Easter egg waiting to be found in Avengers: Endgame, it's fake news. The Russo Brothers confirmed earlier today that Nova makes his MCU introduction in the blockbuster sequel. Though, they didn't fully divulged where he could be found. So fans went on the hunt. Now, the directors admit that they were just having some fun with fans, which isn't making a few folks very happy.

"That was actually a joke on our part."

In a new video for Wired Magazine where the brothers break down various fan questions, they seemingly confirmed that Nova is introduced in the big climactic end battle sequence where the dusted heroes return from the Snap. As the portals open, Nova was said to emerge from one of them, to help in the fight against Thanos. Just like Howard the Duck, who was actually spotted during the movie's initial theatrical run.

Nova's introduction in Avengers: Endgame would have been one of the movie's best kept secrets leading up to right now. There have been plenty of Easter eggs unpacked and discovered thus far, with the Phase 3 ending sequel hitting Blu-ray and DVD last week. The end of the movie is packed with all kinds of interesting reveals, as seemingly every hero from the galaxy is recruited into the fight. So this Easter egg made total sense. Though it was all just a big joke.

Richard Rider would have been making his first ever big screen appearance in Avengers: Endgame, even if he was incredibly hard to spot. You would have needed an extremely big TV screen to find him anyway, so perhaps its best they didn't actually include the character. Joe Russo jokingly said this about the Easter egg in question.

Fans have long clamored for the introduction of Richard Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As it turns out, he showed up as Nova to fight Thanos with the rest of the heroes. Look closely at that scene again and you will see. You will see Richard Rider in the background of the shot. Easter egg."

So, straight from the director's mouth, Nova's appearance in Avengers: Endgame appeared to be real news. And the inclusion made perfect sense considering the lead up to this final battle between Marvel's greatest and the Mad Titan. Thanos obliterated Xander off-screen leading up to Avengers: Infinity War. There, he obtained the Power Stone, which was hidden away by the Guardians of the Galaxy in their first standalone outing.

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In the Marvel comics, Richard Rider has inherited the power of the Xandarian Worldmind. He becomes Nova when Xandar's lone survivor is combined with Nova Corps. As we know from the time jump at the beginning of Endgame, half a decade has passed since Xandar was destroyed. So that definitely gives Richard Rider enough time to hone his superpowers, depending on whether or not he survived the Snap, and it sounds like he did. He just didn't come into the battle until he was called, much like Captain Marvel, who also survived the Snap.

Since the fake reveal, there was speculation that Nova could get his own prequel, much like Marvel is doing right now with the Black Widow movie. It's possible that a spin-off could show what happens in this five-year span, where half of the universe goes missing. It's also ripe for a Disney+ series.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige made it clear while speaking at Comic-Con in 2018 that Nova was definitely on the big board of potential heroes that the studio would love to incorporate into the ongoing interconnected saga. Many fans thought he'd show up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which didn't happen. But perhaps he'll fly in when the delayed Vol. 3 finally hits theaters as part of Marvel Phase 5. Feige said this.

"Because of the connection to the Guardians universe, because there are more than one examples to pull from in the comics that are interesting. And you're absolutely right, he was in the earliest drafts of the [Guardians of the Galaxy]."

As of this moment, we'll have to wait until a later date to see Nova in an MCU movie. You can watch the Russo's talk more about the movie as they answer some fan questions for Wired. And it was ComicBook.com that got the Russos to admit this was just a big troll on their part.

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Published 13 hour ago on 14 Aug 1919
movie news Did In-Flight Infinity War Snap Victims Plummet to Their Deaths Upon Endgame Return?

The future of the Fantastic Four remains mysterious. We know for sure that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is now officially in control of the property, as well as the X-Men, following Disney's $71.3 billion merger with Fox earlier this year. Feige announced a reboot of the franchise during the studio's presentation at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but it's not going to happen for a while. That leaves an interesting, lingering question what of Noah Hawley's Doctor Doom movie? The simple answer, for the time being, is it's not dead yet.

A little background on this one. Noah Hawley, the creator behind shows like Fargo and Legion, announced two years ago at SDCC that he was penning a Doctor Doom movie for 20th Century Fox, long before the merger took place. Cut to now and Disney is rethinking its strategy with Fox titles moving forward, having recently axed almost all of the studio's production slate that was in the works prior to the merger.

With that in mind, it's a bit surprising to learn that this particular movie isn't yet on the chopping block. Noah Hawley, in a recent interview, was asked about the status of the project and revealed he's done with the script. After taking some time off, he's going to take it upon himself to push Marvel to allow him to make it. Here's what Hawley had to say about it.

"I mean, where it stands is now that the movie is done and Legion is done and I've taken a little time off because someone told me there was this word 'vacation,' which means you don't work, which sounded really interesting to me. But you know, I need to circle back to them and announce that I would love to make it and figure out if that's something that is possible. Whether or not they already have a plan in place for what to do with those characters or whether they're open to my kind of vision for what to do with those characters. But it's sort of on me right now to go push them, which I will do as soon as I come up for air."

There are some interesting layers here to dig into. For one, Dark Phoenix, the final, proper X-Men movie made by Fox, which was released by Disney, tanked in a big, bad way at the box office. The New Mutants, a horror-themed X-Men spin-off, has been sitting on a shelf and Disney seems unsure of what to do with it. Meanwhile, the most recent Fantastic Four movie, released in 2015, tanked critically and commercially. So Disney doesn't have a lot of reason to think anything developed under Fox's watch is a good idea.

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That said, Noah Hawley has proven his worth as a creator. Plus, doing a Doctor Doom solo movie could be a unique way to introduce the villain, and possibly the Fantastic Four, into the MCU. It's perhaps going to be a matter of just how convincing Hawley can be if/when he gets to sit down with Kevin Feige. This news comes to us via Deadline.

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Published 13 hour ago on 14 Aug 1919
movie news Did In-Flight Infinity War Snap Victims Plummet to Their Deaths Upon Endgame Return?

The troubles continue for The New Mutants. This long-delayed X-Men spin-off has been collecting dust for the better part of two years now and, while the movie has a release date currently, things are far from certain when it comes to this project's release. Case in point, Disney is in the middle of a major strategy shift when it comes to handling future releases from Fox and the studio is reportedly unimpressed with this particular title.

According to a new report detailing the inner workings of the Disney/Fox struggle following the $71.3 billion merger that went into effect in March, Disney allegedly believes that The New Mutants has limited box office potential. At present, it's scheduled for release on April 3, 2020. However, given the studio's reported uncertainty, it would seem that is far from a guarantee. And there are plenty of other factors to consider. Not the least of which being Dark Phoenix, which Disney also inherited from Fox. The X-Men adaptation absolutely tanked at the box office and contributed to heavy losses Disney was forced to post from its theatrical business in its most recent quarter.

Point being, the studio has no reason to put a lot of resources behind this horror-themed X-Men spin-off, despite having a top-notch cast led by Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy. Josh Boone The Fault In Our Stars is in the director's chair, but he reportedly clashed with Fox on the cut. Reshoots were ordered but, when we last heard, those reshoots still haven't taken place. Amazingly, this movie was originally supposed to be released on April 13, 2018. Yet, thanks to the clash, it's just been sitting. A trailer was even released nearly two years ago. Needless to say, it's a big mess.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg for Disney when it comes to 20th Century Fox right now. Nearly every Fox title released by Disney since the merger has bombed at the box office, including Stuber and, more recently, The Art of Racing in the Rain. That has left the studio unsure of how to proceed with finished projects, which also include the high-dollar sci-fi flick Ad Astra, starring Brad Pitt. Recently, Disney axed the vast majority of Fox's production slate in hopes of refocusing the brand for the future.

As far as the X-Men go, control of the mutants, as well as the Fantastic Four and Deadpool, have been handed off to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who will incorporate them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To that point, Disney may not want to put too much attention on The New Mutants, since that version of the franchise is going to be abandoned anyway. Whatever comes of this one movie, it's just one small part of a transition that hasn't gone according to plan. But if anyone can turn things around, it's Disney. This news comes to us via Variety.

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movie news Did In-Flight Infinity War Snap Victims Plummet to Their Deaths Upon Endgame Return?
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