Daily Podcast: Spoiler Discussion of Watchmen Episode 8, “A God Walks Into Abar”

Daily Podcast: Spoiler Discussion of Watchmen Episode 8, “A God Walks Into Abar”

09 Dec 2019 (PT)

On the December 9, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by /Film writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to have a spoiler discussion of the eighth episode of HBO’s Watchmen, entitled “A God Walks Into Abar.”

Opening Banter: HT’s back!

In Our Feature Presentation

Emails Angela and Dr. Manhattan in the bar Mr. Eddy’s Bar – does this confirm Lady Trieu’s parentage? Angela hates Dr. Manhattan Flashbacks to Jon’s past Did Jon kill Cal? Adrian Veidt Dejected, gets a visit from Jon “A little elephant told me” Veidt’s “Plan A” for Jon: creating a memory-wiping device Manhattan’s new life no longer interests him Veidt as a Jesus figure Post-Credits scene In the current timeline Angela awakens Jon, who teleports their kids away he’s formed an alliance with Will Reeves Speaking with Will across time, Angela sets the entire plot in motion Shootout in the streets Lingering questions Why is it important that Angela sees Jon walking on water in the pool? Who will ultimately gain Dr. Manhattan’s powers? Does Will Reeves already have those abilities? What’s up with the horseshoe? Lube Man all but confirmed to be Agent Petey

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Source: Slashfilm.com

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Daily Podcast: Spoiler Discussion of Watchmen Episode 8, “A God Walks Into Abar”
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