35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

28 Oct 2019 (PT)

Halloween is scary movie season, and fortunately for indie movie fans there are dozens of low-budget chillers waiting to be streamed on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video and in the case of Luca Guadagnino's “Suspiria,” not so low budget. From contemporary horror classics Ari Aster's “The Witch” to beloved horror anthologies “Southbound,” “Tales From Halloween” and foreign movies “Train to Busan”, the major streaming platforms are offering no shortage of great picks in 2019.

Celebrate Halloween by taking a chance on one of the following indie horror movies now streaming. The list below is presented in alphabetical order and includes each streaming platform where it's available.

35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“The Alchemist Cookbook”Streaming on Hulu

Joel Potrykus's “The Alchemist Cookbook”follows young outcast Sean Ty Hickson who has isolated himself in the woods in order to pursue his alchemist pursuits without distractions. Though his experiments start out innocent enough, they soon turn to black magic in order to crack the secrets of nature. Naturally things go awry, awakening something far more sinister and dangerous.

Photo : Oscilloscope Laboratories 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Baskin”Streaming on Hulu

Turkish horror movie “Baskin” starts off like a buddy cop film before plunging viewers into a nightmarish world filled with brutal, unflinching violence and bloody horrors. The movie follows a five-man cop unit that enters an abandoned building and are slowly killed by the terrors awaiting them. The movie earned comparisons to “The Human Centipede” when it debuted at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

Photo : TIFF35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“The Blackcoat's Daughter”Streaming on Netflix

“The Blackcoat's Daughter” is the directorial debut of Osgood Perkins, son of Anthony Perkins yes, Norman Bates, so it's a safe bet the filmmaker knows a thing or two about scaring the crap out of audiences.Perkins' debut is a stirring exercise in style dripping with tidbits of Gothic horror. The movie pairs Emma Roberts and Kiernan Shipka as two Catholic schoolgirls who get left behind at their boarding school over winter break, only to discover the nuns are rumored to be satanists.

Photo : A24 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Body at Brighton Rock”Streaming on Hulu

Roxanne Benjamin's feature directorial debut “Body at Brighton Rock” feels like a throwback to a time when horror movies weren't afraid to bop around and have fun. The film, which centers on a state park employee who must confront horrors after getting lost in the woods, feels ready-made for a Friday night on your couch. It's a total slumber party of a movie, told with plenty of skill, even more potential, and an utter lack of preciousness from its delightful opening moments to its enjoyable last-minute twist.

P35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Bone Tomahawk”Streaming on Amazon Prime

S. Craig Zahler's“Bone Tomahawk” is a horror-western that tells the story of Sheriff Franklin Hunt Kurt Russell and a ragtag gang of gunslingers who must band together to find and rescue a group of townspeople who have been kidnapped by a sinister band of cave-dwelling cannibals. The movie blends its two distinct genres together for something that feels truly unique in the horror genre.

Photo : BFI 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Creep”Streaming on Netflix

Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass were a match made in indie horror heaven with “Creep,” a found footage nightmare in which Duplass' madness goes to a rattling extreme. Part of the film's success is how it subverts the found footage horror genre. Almost always, found footage movies are used to investigate alleged paranormalphenomena or superstitious entities see “Blair Witch” and “Paranormal Activity”. “Creep,” however, is all about the terror of one man. The way Duplass uses the found footage style to charm and terrify is impressive.

Photo : Netflix35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Climax”Streaming on Amazon Prime

Gaspar Noé's “Climax” stars Sofia Boutella as the leader of a dance troupe that finds itself thrown into madness after one of its members spikes the water cooler with a hallucinogenic drug. The boldness ofNoé's set pieces are dazzling to behold the movie opens with an astonishing one take that soars through the dance troupe's rehearsal, and his camera takes on a frenetic quality that matches the delusion of his characters.

Photo : A24 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Emelie”Streaming on Netflix

Get ready to meet the worst babysitter imaginable. As played by Sarah Bolger in “Emelie,” the character's end goal seems to be to destroy the innocence of the children she's babysitting, or to just destroy them ogether. Playing around with “the call is coming from inside the house” horror motif, director Michael Thelin has a field day manipulating the psychological disturbances of his leading lady.

Photo : Netflix35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Evolution” Streaming on Hulu

What would happen if you mixed art house cinema with the kind of body horror every David Cronenberg fan loves? The result would look something like “Evolution.” The second feature from French director Lucile Hadžihalilovic is a mesmerizing and maddening coming-of-age horror movie that has the look of a beautiful nightmare. The story centers around 10-year-old Nicolas Max Brebant, a young boy living in a remote seaside hospital where he and several other children are subjected to an alarming medical process.

Photo : IFC Midnight 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“The Eyes of My Mother”Streaming on Netflix

Nicolas Pesce's black-and-white stunner “The Eyes of My Mother” was named the big discovery of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival by IndieWire.Pesce's minimalist script tells the story of a disturbed young woman the revelatory Kika Magalhães who, following a traumatizing encounter, keeps a murderer locked up in her barn and forges an unusual relationship with him. The movie'scrisp black-and-white photography and terrifying character dynamics create a chill that's hard to forget.

Photo : Magnet Releasing35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Ghost Stories” Streaming on Hulu

Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman's anthology horror film “Ghost Stories” stars Nyman as the host of a television program that applies rational explanations for ghostly encounters and exposes modern day charlatans. The movie tells three ghost stories, one of which stars Martin Freemanas a man whose house is haunted by a poltergeist with a chilling message to relay about his pregnant, hospitalized wife. The three stories weave together and expertly build tension toward a shocking finale that that pays off in spades.

Photo : Lionsgate 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Goodnight Mommy”Streaming on Amazon Prime

The expertly crafted Austrian horror film “Goodnight Mommy” is a visceral nightmare about a twisted cat-and-mouse game that forms between a mother and her children. The story follows apair of identical twin brothers Lukas and Elias Schwartz whose mother Susanne Wuest has just undergone facial reconstructive surgery. But the mother who returns to their isolated countryside home is not the same as the mother who left in the first place. Her face is obscured with a haunting bandage, and her personality seems to have changed for the worse.

35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Green Room”Streaming on Netflix

Jeremy Saulnier's “Green Room” pits a young punk rock band against a gang of white power skinheads who've trapped them in a secluded venue after the rockers witness a horrific act of violence, and all witnesses must go. Saulnier's script might fit more into the thriller genre, but his unnervingly alive performance from the late Alton Yelchin proudly carries on the tradition of horror teenagers who fight to the death to survive a night from hell.

Photo : A24 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Hellions”Streaming on Hulu

Bruce McDonald's hallucinatory horror movie “Hellions” is a visual and auditory nightmare. Chloe Rose gives a memorable performance as a 17-year-old girl who discovers she's pregnant on Halloween night, only for a group of killers to show up on her doorstep with the goal of taking her unborn child.

Photo : Hulu35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Hereditary” Streaming on Amazon Prime

Before it becomes an ultra-creepy haunted house movie, Ari Aster's “Hereditary” is an almost-unbearable study of the grieving process. A family copes with traumatizing loss, screaming, crying, and growing apart as the scariest aspect of their lives becomes the actual hardships of each passing day. Then something far more terrifying happens. Despite some occasionally clichéd jump scares, “Hereditary” excels at evoking a convincing environment of despair along with first-rate horror.

Photo : A24 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“High Tension”Streaming on Amazon Prime

Before Alexandre Aja found success with American horror films such as “The Hills Have Eyes” and this summer's “Crawl,” he made a name for himself in the genre with his grisly French horror offering “High Tension.” The movie centers around two best friends who must fight for survival after a serial killer shows up at the doorstep of one of their parents' homes. “High Tension” is so graphically terrifying that it was released internationally with an NC-17 rating.

Photo : Lionsgate35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“The Hole in the Ground”Streaming on Amazon Prime

Horror lovers kill for a good demonic child narrative, from “The Omen” to “Hereditary,” and A24's “The Hole in The Ground” is a worthy addition to the long-running subgenre. Directed by Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin, who wrote the script with Stephen Shields, “The Hole in the Ground” follows a mother who is slowly driven to the brink of sanity as she suspects her son isn't himself.

Photo : A24 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Hounds of Love”Streaming on Hulu

Ben Young's twisted kidnapping thriller “Hounds of Love”stars Ashleigh Cummings as cool '80s teen Vicki Maloney, who is seemingly abducted at random by secret suburban serial killers John and Evelyn White Emma Booth and Stephen Curry. Set in Perth during the middle of a predictably steamy summer, the Whites have been waging their own private war with the city's women, and no one seems to realize that they've got a pair of serial killers in their midst.

Photo : Arrow Films35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Hush”Streaming on Netflix

Mike Flanagan is the director behind the upcoming “Shining” sequel “Doctor Sleep,” which makes this Halloween the perfect time to catch up on his indie horror movie “Hush.” NewcomerKate Siegel stars as a deaf author who spends her days in isolation cranking out mystery novels, with only her neighbors providing the occasional companionship. That changes one night when a masked lunatic John Gallagher Jr. shows up at her home with a knife and crossbow, revealing his intentions of toying with her throughout the night until he decides it's time to take her out.

Photo : SXSW 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“The Invitation” Streaming on Netflix

While technically a thriller that dovetails into slasher territory for its third act, “The Invitation” maintains a unique horror intrigue that constantly defies expectations. Set in the confines of a Hollywood Hills house where a dinner party reunion takes a series of ghoulish turns, the movie finds bearded Will Logan Marshall-Green reuniting with his ex-wife Eden Tammy Blanchard along with assorted friends and their partners several years after a traumatic event. As the horror escalates, “The Invitation” becomes the definitive statement of director Karyn Kusama's career as it lands on the suggestion that surviving one tumultuous experience only leads to more of the same.

35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Little Monsters”Streaming on Hulu

“Us” is not the only Lupita Nyong'o-led horror movie that debuted in 2019. After debuting at Sundance, “Little Monsters” hit Hulu this month just in time for Halloween.Nyong'o plays Miss Caroline, a kindergarten teacher chaperoning a field trip to a petting zoo that just so happens to be located next to an army base. When a failed military experiment results in an outbreak of zombies, she has to keep her students alive while simultaneously assuring them that nobody is in danger.

Photo : Hulu 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Lords of Chaos”Streaming on Hulu

Jonas Åkerlund's horror-thriller “Lords of Chaos” follows a Norwegian black metal band through hell and back. Much like metal music itself, “Lords of Chaos” is frequently unpleasant but oddly compelling — not least because Åkerlund ensures that the film never takes itself as seriously as its real-life subjects did. Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen,Sky Ferreira, and Jack Kilmer star.

Photo : Gunpowder and Sky35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“The Love Witch”Streaming on Amazon Prime

Anna Biller's “The Love Witch” is a spellbinding homage to old pulp paperbacks and the Technicolor melodramas of the 1960s — a throwback that's told with a degree of perverse conviction and studied expertise that would make Quentin Tarantino blush. Shot in velvety 35mm and seen through the lens of a playfully violent female gaze, the film follows a beautiful, narcissistic young sorceress named Elaine Samantha Robinson, unforgettable in a demented breakthrough performance as she blows into a coastal California town in desperate search of a replacement for her recently murdered husband.

Photo : Oscilloscope Laboratories 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Southbound”Streaming on Hulu

“The Twilight Zone” for more deranged sensibilities, the anthology movie “Southbound” takes place in an eerie purgatorial desert in which various characters wind up trapped and face bizarre supernatural threats. Each macabre installment expertly segues into the next one: “Siren,” Roxanne Benjamin's portrait of a touring band whose car breaks down, finds the group seeking refuge with an eerie couple in the wasteland, one of whom winds up at the center of David Bruckner's brilliantly wacky “The Accident,” in which an emergency phone call following an accident on the road turns out to be a devious prank. Unlike other horror anthologies, “Southbound” creates a consistent world defined by sheer dread and unpredictability.

Photo : Orchard35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“The Strangers: Prey at Night”Streaming on Amazon Prime

It took a decade for writer-directorBryan Bertino to release a sequel to his cult favorite “The Strangers,” but the follow-up movie“The Strangers: Prey at Night” was surely worth the wait.Helmed by “47 Meters Down” director Johannes Roberts, “Prey at Night” plays out as both a clever followup to the first film and an homage to classic John Carpenter joints like “Christine” and “Halloween.”

Photo : Brian Dogulas 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Suspiria”Streaming on Amazon Prime

Luca Guadagnino's “Suspiria” is a grim and severe reworking of Dario Argento's horror classic, offering a thematically richer and more explicit interpretation of that old nightmare. Dakota Johnson stars as an aspiring dancer who discovers her international dance company is being run by a coven of witches.Guadagnino's slow-burn approach to the storyline builds tension to a final 30 minutes that explode in an orgy of restless editing and visceral gore.

Photo : Amazon35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Tales of Halloween”Streaming on Amazon Prime

“Tales of Halloween” is a Halloween-themed anthology film featuring 11 genre directors teaming up for 10 horror shorts about one Halloween night in the suburbs. Among the directors are Neil Marshall “The Descent”, Darren Lynn Bousman “Repo! The Genetic Opera”, and Lucky McKee “May”.

Photo : Amazon 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Tetsuo the Bullet Man”Streaming on Hulu

Looking for a dose of body horror to make your Halloween truly gross? Try“Tetsuo the Bullet Man,” Japanese cult filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto's 2009 sequel to his beloved “Tetsuo.” The movie follows the tradition of the original by following a man who becomes the victim of vengeful curse that mutilates his body into becoming half human, half metal. There' a reasonTsukamoto's “Tetsuo” movies are often cited as some of the most disgusting body horror films ever made, but there's undeniable brilliance in the director's twisted imagination.

Photo : Hulu 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Train to Busan”Streaming on Netflix

Yeon Sang-ho's 2016 South Korean zombie film “Train to Busan” exploded into a box office phenomenon in its home country with a gross of over $10 million alone in South Korea. Mashing the wildest elements of “Snowpiercer” passengers stuck on a train and “World War Z” rabid zombies that want to eat you alive, the apocalyptic horror sensation has a momentum like few other horror films this decade. Thanks to some virtuoso camerawork and adrenaline-fueled set pieces, “Train To Busan” will have you covering your eyes one moment and standing on your feet out of anxiety the next.

Photo : Next World Entertainment 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Tragedy Girls”Streaming on Hulu

Tyler MacIntyre's witty and delightful “Tragedy Girls” goes meta on the horror slasher genre. The movie starsAlexandra Shipp and Brianna Hildebrand as two death-obsessed teenage girls who host an online show about real-life tragedies. The girls hope to cement their legacy as horror icons by using their serial killer show to send their small-town into a terrified frenzy.

Photo : Gunpowder and Sky 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“TrespassersStreaming on Hulu

Orson Oblowitz's “Trespassers” has a classic horror set up: Two couples plagued by relationship issues rent a gorgeous house in the desert to escape their issues. The night turns drug and party-fueled, escalating tensions that explode when a woman claiming to be their neighbor shows up uninvited to wreak havoc on their lives. Oblowitz's stylishdirection and neon-soaked imagery recall the hypnotic menace of Nicolas Winding Refn.

Photo : IFC Midnight 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“Under the Shadow”Streaming on Netflix

Set during the War of Cities in 1980s Tehran, Babak Anvari's chilling “Under The Shadow” is part supernatural horror film, part mother-daughter drama, and the power of the film is how it uses one genre to effectively subvert the other. Narges Rashidi gives a bold lead performance as Shideh, a mother who refuses to abandon her home despite her husband's protest and the increasingly violent missile strikes taking place all over the city. As tenants leave one by one, Shideh and her daughter find themselves isolated alone, forced to confront a presence that refuses to leave.

Photo : XYZ Films 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“The Woman in Black”Streaming on Amazon Prime

Daniel Radcliffe's supernatural horror movie “The Woman in Black” was a box office hit for CBS Films in 2012 the film grossed $127 million worldwide on a $15 million production budget, but it has never become appointment viewing during the Halloween season. Directed byJames Watkins, the underrated horror gem is a successful Gothic chiller set in 20th century England where a widowed lawyer must figure out how to stop vengeful spirits from haunting a remote town.

Photo : CBS Films 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“We Are What We Are”Streaming on Hulu

Jim Mickle's “We Are What We Are” is a cannibal movie done right. Mickle's loose remake of Jorge Michel Grau's 2009 Mexican cannibal tale brings the filmmaker's distinct blend of the elegant and the macabre to its ultimate realization. Outdoing the original by a long shot, Mickle's slow-burn take on the story is poetic, creepy and, finally, satisfyingly gross.

Photo : Entertainment One 35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween

“The Witch” Streaming on Netflix

Robert Eggers' 2015 feature directorial debut “The Witch” was the breakout horror sensation of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. With a meticulous commitment to period authenticity, Eggers grounds the viewer in the dark and dreary world of a New England family come undone in the 1630s. The cast is led by the breakthroughAnya Taylor-Joy, whose journey from naive daughter to the dark side taps a nerve that's impossible to forget. With “The Witch,” Eggers creates a haunting narrative of otherworldly forces made especially scary due to the realism surrounding them.

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35 Scary Indie Horror Movies Streaming for Halloween
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